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Kirkland, WA

We Offer Exterior and Interior Painting Here in Kirkland, WA

If you’re living in Kirkland, then you definitely take pride in your neighborhood being safe and secure. Being blessed with beautiful sceneries, each household strives to have a unique character to it. And it is only given that a home’s paint job, among many others, is one of the determining factors in having that certain “distinction”. Luckily, Max House Painting LLC is here to help you with your exterior and interior painting needs in Kirkland, WA. With our years in service, you can trust that we deliver the best service in the industry.

Kirkland is now becoming well-known for its modern square houses. Our painting services that has exceptional application guarantees a clean finish that can definitely help your home look worthy of a place like Kirkland. Aside from improving your home’s aesthetics, another reason why you should consider repainting your home is its capability to give protection. A new layer of paint can block moisture from entering the wood preventing the possibility of rotting, as well as infestation of termites. Wet wood can also result to the growth of molds that can pose a serious threat to your family’s health.

Renewing your paint to a brighter color can also lower your energy bills as it better reflects sunlight keeping your interiors cool. When painting, you will have to check every edge and corner of the house helping you identify damages that you normally would not notice. Also, repainting your home’s interior and exterior costs less than what you imagine. You can think of it as a more affordable way to remodel as it also creates a fresh environment at a much lesser cost.

Let’s transform your home into something worth noticing today! Call us at 425-246-5207 or send us an email for all your exterior and interior painting needs in Kirkland WA. We also do power washing, waterproofing and other services, all to make sure that your household will soon be turning heads.